21 January 2006

Mine Times

When are the coal mines of West Virginia going to be safe?

It was only three weeks ago when the Sago mine tragedy changed the lives of so many miners' families. Now there are two miners missing in another coal mine after a fire started.


What is it going to take to bring this industry into the new millennium? I'm not saying we need more government regulations, but the private organizations running these unsafe mines are forcing "the man" to step in and take action. C'mon now, where's the self-regulation, people?

15 January 2006

NSA Security Leak

Part of me feels the New York Times was not acting responsibly when they leaked the NSA wire-tapping details, but the other part feels that it was within their freedom of speech rights.

I'm all for privacy and freedom of speech (as I am for all of the freedoms in the Bill of Rights), but I am also for not having another 9-11. It is possible that tapping the phone of a known terrorist supporter could prevent another attack, but it's difficult to measure because there are too many variables. But I can be safe in assuming that many of our anti-terrorism programs may deter or make terrorists think twice before creating havoc on our nation.

I am willing to let "the man" listen to my phone conversations if they so desire for the sake of national security. And no, they are not going to waste their time and resources on me calling a friend to make lunch plans; they are concerned with people making calls to others with ties to known terrorists overseas. Besides, what do I have to hide?

20 November 2005

Cable In Dorms

I know many people have mixed feelings about the dorms being equipped with cable television. I’d like to hear the arguments on all sides in an educated discussion. I hear people gabbing about it, but I have yet to hear a really good argument on either side. I have mixed opinions about it too, so that’s why I want to hear what you have to say. Let your voice be heard!